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  • Portofino night panorama


Camogli is a pearl set in an extraordinary coast, the whole Riviera di Levante is a heritage to visit that offers splendid itineraries, landscapes and scenarios among the sea, nature, history, culture and tradition.
A stretch of coast that is full of gulfs, beaches and seaside resorts.
A journey into the amazing from Genoa to the Cinque Terre.

Sunset panorama of the Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante


The Gulf of Tigullio is a large inlet, in the territory of the province
of Genoa that goes from the nature park of Portofino to Punta Manara.
This stretch of coastline offers numerous bays: Paraggi, Portofino,
Santa Margherita Ligure and Sestri Levante.



In Portofino every nook is to be discovered.
Surely one of the symbolic places of Liguria and one that is known all over the world.
Magnificent small maritime village, nestled in the green of its promontory
and embraced by the sea that reflects the pastel colors of the houses arranged in a semicircle around the famous Piazzetta, as well as the exclusive restaurants, cafés and shops...

Portofino seen from above
Walk to the sea of Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita Ligure shows all the faces of the Liguria Riviera: a small characteristic village
and a little port animated by fishermen, but also a place full of picturesqeu, refined cafés for an aperitif or for a pleasant evening in front of the sea.


Cinque Terre

We are in the furthest stretch of the Levante coast of Liguria, in the province of La Spezia.
The 5 Terre are timeless places set on the coast overlooking the sea.
It is a natural spectacle of inestimable beauty and international fame.
It was declared by Unesco a protected area of the Cinque Terre National Park and a World Heritage Site.

Night photo of Riomaggiore seen from the sea
Port of Genoa seen from the sea


Defined by Petrarch as "superb for its people and its walls", Genoa, the splendid capital of Liguria, carries with it an ancient and seafaring charm.
Its historic center branches off between the characteristic "caruggi" (alleyways) and narrow alleys flanked by tall houses among which you could stroll endlessly.