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  • Portofino seen from above


In Portofino every nook is to be discovered.
Surely one of the symbolic places of Liguria and one that is known all over the world.
Magnificent small maritime village, nestled in the green of its promontory
and embraced by the sea that reflects the pastel colors of the houses arranged in a semicircle around the famous Piazzetta, as well as the exclusive restaurants, cafés and shops.

Hiker's vademecum

The square is the center of Portofino and generally the point of arrival/departure of excursions.

The heart of Portofino is tiny, but from there, after a stroll through the marina, paths and itineraries set off with extraordinary views and vistas.

The most famous are those that lead to Castello Brown and to the Lighthouse, at the end of the Promontory.
Here there is also a café, where you can sip a pleasant aperitif
and above all enjoy an amazing panorama.

The promontory is enclosed in the Regional Nature Park of Portofino and therefore it offers the possibility of wonderful excursions overlooking the sea and of reaching some hidden and uncontaminated places.