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To discover more hidden and unspoiled corners or spend a day in a different way with the wind in your hair and salt on your face, a boat tour is an excellent solution.

Thanks to the boat, you can in fact abandon the most famous itineraries and beaches and head towards unexplored coves, uncontaminated places and appreciate the whole coast from a different point of view.

San Fruttuoso


This is one of the most beautiful itineraries of the Riviera, a navigation in the blue of the crystalline sea of Golfo Paradiso, a small journey on the most beautiful sea in Liguria.
Starting from Camogli you immediately come across Punta Chiappa, a strip of rocky coastline that delimits the most extreme part of the Protected Portofino Marine Area.
Thanks to its position, the sea is truly crystal clear.
The view is no less impressive: looking west, you will have an extraordinary view
of the Gulf of Camogli.
Continuing the tour towards East, the small bay where the Basilica of San Fruttuoso stands will suddenly appear, immediately after that, the rocky tip of the Torretta, offering some picturesque scenery of extraordinary beauty.


A splendid boat excursion from Camogli is a trip to discover the famous bay of Portofino.
All along the way, you are in the Protected Marine Area and the landscape scenarios are unique.

Just before arriving at Portofino, set in the greenery and embraced by the typical colored houses along the small port, stands the mountain with the same name as the promontory with its lighthouse overlooking the sea.

Panorama on the small port of Camogli


A boat tour with the guides of the cooperative and an expert
to enjoy the sea in complete calm and get to know the fascinating world of traditional fishing through the Tonnarella plant (a permanent installation of fishing nets used to catch tuna and other fish), which is lowered every year by fishermen on the basis of experience and the very particular turn of currents that is created in the Golfo Paradiso.
At the end of the day the excursion can be concluded with a wonderful dip in the sea away from the beaches.

The 2023 edition of the Tonnarella has been cancelled

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