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Founded by Gio Bono Ferrari in 1937, the maritime museum takes its name from its founder and is located in the street with the same name near the historic center of the village.
The collection, which highlights the importance of Camogli's seafaring, is made up of objects devoted to the nautical world starting from the French domination of Napoleon Bonaparte (1797-1815) up to the First World War.

Relics, scale models of sailing vessels and ships, nautical instruments for navigation as well as ancient prints and paintings of the time, as well as ancient original manuscripts of the statute of the Mutua Assicurazione Marittima of Camogli, founded in 1853, objects from the Risorgimento and letters belonging to Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Expedition of the Thousand.

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A fascinating journey into the history of Camogli’s fleet of sailboats, which highlights the life of a small community, with the habits it has developed between the mountains and the sea, and which draws sustenance from the sea, to emphasize how the community has grown because it was able to carry out its work and that of its sailors by creating profit and well-being in many sectors of the population.
Thanks to the continuous donations of the "men of the sea", the material on display is in continuous transformation and enrichment.

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