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Experience the energy that nature transmits, take your time.
Walking amidst nature is good for your body and regenerates your thoughts.

Many itineraries, for every type of need and preparation, which alternate in an extraordinary variety of scenarios that will conquer the eyes and mind.


Spectacular trails among olive groves and cliffs overlooking the sea to reach unspoiled places
and experience nature at its fullest.
There are many itineraries to follow starting directly from Camogli, which extend through
the area of Portofino Nature Park.

All itineraries

Camogli - S. Fruttuoso (trail of the batteries)

Beautiful trail at times overlooking the sea, it is one of the most fascinating itineraries of Portofino Promontory.
Quite challenging due to the particular exposure of some parts. In the most exposed areas it is necessary to grab on to the safety chain, especially if the rock is a little damp.

from the area of the Camogli railway station, go down towards the parking lot and skirt the Carabinieri barracks until you find, and set off along, the mule track: 900 steps that lead directly, after about half an hour, to the church in the square of San Rocco.
From there, a route begins with beautiful views over the Golfo Paradiso and Genoa.
Once you have arrived at the batteries (anti-aircraft positions from the last world war), the most challenging but most panoramic part of the route begins, where a chain can be very useful.
The view overlooking the sea is extraordinary. You reach a steep climb which, after passing over a pass, leads to an equally steep descent towards the Basilica of San Fruttuoso. The descent towards San Fruttuoso takes place in a kind of tunnel through the green and the glimpse of the Basilica is very picturesque.

Return to Camogli: preferably by boat.

Camogli – Portofino - Santa Margherita Ligure

Wonderful route, to be taken in all seasons in Portofino Park, as it is mainly shaded.
Along the mountain, the trail connects Camogli with Portofino, and then continues along the sea to Santa Margherita.

heading towards the Carabinieri barracks in Camogli, you take the steps up to the Church of San Rocco. From there, follow the paved path on the left side of the Church: the Via Crucis.
At the end of the Via Crucis, the trail continues through the woods up to the entrance to Portofino.
There are numerous panoramic vistas of the sea.
The path does not have particularly exposed parts, but being on a cliff, you are overlooking the sea and therefore it is always good to pay attention, while enjoying the view.
From Portofino the "path of kisses" begins, a paved road through the green of natre, which ends in Paraggi. From Paraggi to Santa Margherita, you can choose to follow the sea front, which is a less demanding and very pleasant walk.

Return to Camogli:
preferably by train.

Camogli – Ruta – Portofino Vetta – Ruta (ring route)

This trail forms a short loop, but once you reach Portofino Vetta you can continue on along other trails that allow you to take longer excursions.

from Camogli you reach Ruta, a small inhabited center made up of scattered houses, via a roadway that connects Ruta di Camogli to San Rocco.
The road continues along a flat area surrounded by greenery and offers splendid panoramic views of Camogli, on up to the car park area.
There, you leave the paved road to follow the signs for Portofino Vetta, on the left.
It is a well maintained albeit not very popular trail, which goes up along the Valle dell'Acqua Fredda and, in short, turns into a rather steep concrete stairway.
The trail is in the shade, thanks to the thick vegetation that accompanies it up to the area under the antenna on Monte di Portofino.
Continuing along, you reach the main path that connects Portofino Vetta to Portofino mare. In the vicinity of a spring, turn left, passing under the antenna and then, you will arrive in front of a beautiful period building, the former Hotel Kulm.
The descent into the woods begins there, which ends among the houses of Via Gaixella, in Ruta and further on, along the steps leading to the Aurelia.
There is an alternative route, less direct and tiring, to go up to Portofino Vetta from Ruta; it is "Via Monti", a trail that you come upon after about 300 meters from Ruta in the direction of San Rocco. The trail ends up below the small church near the Portofino Vetta car park.

Camogli – Punta Chiappa

The route, due to its beauty and notoriety, is one of the classic hiking trails on the Portofino Promontory and although it does not have its own signpost, it is still easily identifiable from the signposts in the Park and the Municipality of Camogli.

from Camogli, go up towards San Rocco, via the mule track near the Carabinieri barracks. Once in the square of the church of San Rocco, continue along via Mortola, overlooking the sea, and, after about 200 meters, take the detour on the right that descends steeply towards the sea. The trail proceeds in the shade, first passing among some houses that make up the nucleus of Pego until you reach the square where the church of San Nicolò Capodimonte stands, from where you can enjoy a splendid view. From there, there are two possibilities to reach the sea: by continueing along the easy and short stairway that reaches Punta Chiappa through the characteristic village of Porto Pidocchio or by taking a small downhill path to the left of the church. For the descent, we recommend the path, a bit winding, but which offers splendid panoramic views of the gulf and leads directly to Punta Chiappa, the strip of rock that extends out into the sea. A walkway parallel to the cliff connects the "Punta" with the small cove of Porto Pidocchio ending up at Mulino del Moro.

Return to Camogli:
From Porto Pidocchio you can go up to San Rocco with a flight of about 1000 steps which in the locality of San Nicolò rejoins the trail of the outward journey, or you can return by ferry.