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The events that take place in Camogli contain all the tradition of the place, from the sea, to the typical flavors, to the romanticism, all of which distinguish this territory.

The fish festival and the festival of San Fortunato

The fish festival is linked to the name and the feast of the martyr San Fortunato, patron saint of fishermen.

First held in 1952, with the intention of attracting tourists to the little village, with the motto "for San Fortunato fish donated", the Fish Festival has become one of the most popular events in the town.
On the second Sunday of May in a stainless steel pan with a diameter of 3.8 meters, a handle of 6 meters, weighing 2.8 tons and with a capacity of 2000 liters, tons of fish are fried and distributed free to thousands of guests.
The evening before the festival, the saint is celebrated with a procession that involves the whole town and ends with a great fireworks display and the lighting of two gigantic bonfires on the beaches.

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As in the past, still today the life of Camogli and its inhabitants is characterized by the relationship with the sea. Every year on the first Sunday of August, the celebration of Stella Maris, protector of sailors and fishermen, revives the ancient rite of entrustment to Mary, and finds full title in the manifestations of popular devotion.
The most evocative event in the little village begins in the morning: a procession of small boats decorated with ornaments leaves the marina and accompanies the Dragun and the reliquary of the Virgin to Punta Chiappa.
At the “Punta”, mass is celebrated with the blessing of the sea and boats.
In the evening, the stretch of sea of the coast of Camogli and Punta Chiappa is covered with thousands of floating candles: an exciting spectacle made even more evocative, by the light of the torches, by the evolutions of the Dragun.


Born from an idea of Umberto Eco, Rosangela Bonsignorio and Danco Singer in 2013, in a short time it has become one of the most popular cultural events in Italy and offers a public space for discussions, exchanges of ideas and debates thanks to the participation of great experts in the in the field of economics, literature, science, engineering and philosophy and in the presence of important show business celebrities.
For four days in September, the festival involves the town in a full calendar of free events devoted to culture, technology, training and pleasant moments of entertainment with laboratories, workshops, exhibitions, shows, concerts and excursions.

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An event devoted to those in love in the most romantic period of the year: Valentine's Day.
Inaugurated in 1988, it is renewed every year, giving life to numerous entertainment initiatives, cultural, poetic and photographic reviews in the name of love.
The event attracts the attention of thousands of artists, poets, photographers, those passionate about the theme of love and of Camogli, and it colors the hamlet with stalls and themed sets, nets with knotted red hearts all along the marina.

Furthermore, the Valentine's Day in Camogli souvenir plate is created every year, and given as a gift by the restaurateurs during the day devoted to the festival of lovers.

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