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Camogli offers a real journey through flavors: various kinds of places where you can find a wide variety of alternatives to discover Ligurian cuisine, from fish dishes to the famous focaccia, prepared and enriched with the most delicious ingredients, olives, onions, pesto, and the famous cheese focaccia.
Strolling through the alleyways you are inebriated by the inviting scents of bakeries and focaccerie that always churn out hot focaccia at all hours: perfect consumed on the beach, as a snack, lunch or dinner; once you taste it you will not forget it.

For those who love good food, there is plenty to choose from among cafes and restaurants.
From the cafés along the promenade, perfect for pleasant aperitifs in the late afternoon, after spending a day on the beach or hiking, to the most characteristic restaurants in the alleys of the little village, to those in the marina, with a view of the colorful gozzo boats.
Everything will be even tastier if eaten enveloped in the magical atmosphere of Camogli.