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  • Ancient sailing ship at sea in the Stella Maris night


Everything in Camogli has the scent of Ligurian tradition, the narrow alleys, the steep stairs,
the ancient pastel-colored houses.
Everything contributes to creating an extremely picturesque and characteristic atmosphere, which brings with it
a timeless charm where the magic of the sea blends in with the soul of the place.

Here, more than anywhere else, man has always intertwined his destiny with the sea and has a deep bond with it, which emerges in all its forms.

A symbolic event is the Feast of Stella Maris which, with thousands of small candles floating on the sea,
pays homage to the Madonna by offering a picturesque and moving show.

In the culinary field it is fish that represents tradition, celebrated in the renowned "Fish Festival"
where over 3 tons of it is fried in a large pan in the square of the marina.

Events and shows


The boat that best represents the love of the citizens of Camogli for the sea is the Dragun, a colorful boat made from an old lifeboat and "revisited" with flair and creativity in memory of the pirate raids of past centuries. Symbol of the local rowing tradition, 10.50 meters long, it is a 2-masted latin-rig sail with 12 4-meter-long oars.
Present at every important event of the city, the Dragun boat has brought the name of Camogli onto the great European and American rivers. Since 1978 it has been a Unicef ambassador in the world, the only boat together with the Amerigo Vespucci authorized to exhibit it.

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