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Portofino Nature Park

The Park of Portofino is the ideal destination for those who want a nature-oriented
and eco-sustainable holiday.
With 80 km of marked trails, it is an extraordinary place for all lovers of hiking and biking, and thanks to the variety of trails, it offers itineraries suitable for both more trained hikers and bikers and for lovers of relaxing and undemanding walks.

With trekking boots on your feet, it is possible to travel the dense network of trails that go through and reach wild environments, uncontaminated landscapes, incredible panoramic points, on a journey through nature, seaside hamlets, history and tradition.

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The particularly mild climate of the Portofino promontory
allows excursions all year round. It is preferable to choose the excursion area according to the season:
during the winter, it is better to head towards the side towards the sea which is more exposed to the sun,
while in the hot summer season, the cooler trails of the northern side are recommended.