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  • Port of Genoa seen from the sea


Defined by Petrarch as "superb for its people and its walls", Genoa, the splendid capital of Liguria,
carries with it an ancient and seafaring charm.
Its historic center branches off between the characteristic "caruggi" (alleyways) and narrow alleys
flanked by tall houses among which you could stroll endlessly.

Every wall, every house and every building contains the charm of the ancient maritime Republic.

Genoa is not only the historic center, but it is also modernity, good food, characteristic cafés that branch off among the streets of the center and along the promenade of Porto Antico.
Here, a must-do visit is to the Aquarium, one of the largest and richest in Europe.

The Porto Antico area has become the location of numerous tourist, musical and cultural events that make the town even more lively.